If we are all narrators, writing the stories of our lives, who is our audience?

I don’t trust you.

Sometimes we choose to believe stories that we invent in order to justify unadvisable decisions.

We didn’t understand that this was the way it would go; at first we didn’t care.

We may choose to believe that a person loves us when they do not. Does this choice always lead to pain?

Consider the notion of blissful ignorance.

Image from Semanticscholar.org

We may have even heard our beloved say these words.

So you wait and you pretend.

The other person becomes a character in your own mind such that you are unprepared for the moment in which that person doesn’t follow the script.

In fiction, this “deception” is maintained via a storytelling contract.

When we watch movies, we depend on reliable, trustworthy entertainers.


Flannery has a PhD in Comparative Literature. She teaches French, Italian, and visual media. Her book on Taiwanese cinema can be found on Amazon.

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