Why College Education Will Never Be the Same Again

A traditional college campus
Not everyone is lucky enough to attend Yale.

A confession to my readers

A man is thinking about how to fit a puzzle piece into his head.
Image from chronicle.com

I asked him to break my heart

Image from n-lightenment.com

A sunrise
A sunrise
Image from abc.net.au

A poem written by 15 year old me

My brother’s oldie-but-goodie deserves a close reading

The amusement park Storybook Land in Oregon.
The Enchanted Forest in Turner, Oregon (artist’s own image).

The angst is palpable in my brother’s latest single

Toronto 2015. Artist’s own image.

A short lesson on the virtue of patience

Image from simplehuman.com

Alain Resnais’ dialectical unity of contrasts

Elle pets a white kitten while Lui tries to talk to her.
Image from doubleexposurejournal.com

Does watching a movie ever cause you to question reality?

Surrealism in film.
Image from torontofilmsociety.com

Image from ft.com

Flannery Wilson

Flannery has a PhD in Comparative Literature. She teaches French, Italian, and visual media. Her book on Taiwanese cinema can be found on Amazon.

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